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Thoughts post Forward 3 Web Technology Summit

It’s only been a few days since my talk at the Forward 3 Web Technology Summit. It’s been a great joy to have received so much positive feedback from my talk “Focusing in a Distracted World.”

I thought that I was going to be speaking in front of a small audience of around 20 – 30 people. When I arrived I was taken back by the size of the room. It was quite large and was able to fit a few hundred people. And by the time I went up on stage practically every seat available was occupied. I never thought that my first talk at forward would have drawn so many people. For me that was a real honor.

I’ve found that when dealing with something like ADHD, that it’s always helpful to have a solid support group. My friends and family have all been very supportive and I love them all for it and accepting me for who I am.

After the talk I had a lot of people come by to ask me questions about some of my techniques. I know that my slides where a bit short. It was tough trying to distill everything down to just a 20 minute talk. I wanted to make sure that the slides represented the talk as much as possible. I wanted that artifact to be able to live and stand on it’s own, so I hope for those that are only viewing the slides that the content is meaningful.

I plan on writing quite a bit more about the subject of distraction, creativity and work/life balance. I’ll be posting a series under Focusing in a Distracted World where I will be writing about useful strategies in greater detail.

Once again, thanks to everyone that attended!

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